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Pirooz Mofrad, MD, FACC, FHRS

Meet Dr. Pirooz Mofrad, MD, FACC, FHRS
Specialty: Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine

Board Certification:  Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine

Educational Background:

  • Medical Education:   University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2000
  • Internship/Residency:  Georgetown University Hospital Internal Medicine, 2003
  • Fellowships:  Cardiovascular Disease, Georgetown University/Washington Hospital Center, 2006; Cardiac Electrophysiology, Stanford University Medical Center, 2007.

Affiliations: American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, Heart Rhythm Society

Professional Interests:  Ventricular tachycardia and ablation, Catheter ablation therapies for atrial fibrillation.

Personal Interests:  Dr. Mofrad is married with two children. He enjoys running and soccer.

Professional Appointments:

Director, Electrophysiology Lab, Washington Adventist Hospital, 2013-Present.

Vice-President, Washington Adventist Hospital, Division of Cardiology, 2010-2011.

Selected Publications:

Mofrad PS. “Implantable loop monitors Patient Perspective”. Circulation 2012; 126: e472 e474.

Anh DJ, Eversull CS, Chen HA, Mofrad P, et al. “Characterization of Human Coronary Sinus Valves by Direct Visualization During Biventricular Pacemaker Implantation.” Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 2008; Jan; 31(1): 78-82.

Ventricular Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death. Mechanism, Ablation, and Defibrillation, editors: Paul Wang, Henry Hsia, Amin Al-Ahmad, and Paul Zei. “Mapping and Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia in Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy”. Henry H. Hsia, Pirooz S. Mofrad.

Electroanatomical Mapping, An Atlas for Clinicians, edited by Amin Al-Ahmad, Andrea Natale, David Callans, and Henry Hsia. “Electroanatomical mapping for supraventricular arrhythmias”. Pirooz S. Mofrad, Amin Al-Ahmad, and Andrea Natale.

Mofrad PS, Ottoboni L, Zei PC, Hsia HH, Wang PJ. “VF and fatal cardiac arrest following ICD therapy delivery: What is the cause?” Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 2007; April; 30(4): 551-3.

Mofrad PS, Hsia HH. “An unusual cause of incessant tachycardia.” Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 2007 Mar; 30(3): 418-20.

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Mofrad PS, Choucair W, Hulme P, Moore H. “Cerebral Air Embolization in the EP Lab during transeptal Catheterization: Curative treatment of acute left hemiparesis with prompt hyperbaric oxygen therapy. J Interv Card Electrophysiol 2006; 16: 105–109.

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Acute Infection or Vaccination.” N Engl J Med 2005; 352:1151-1153, Mar 17, 2005. Correspondence.

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Video 2. Technique for cryoablation for atrial fibrillation