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We are a group of specialized cardiologists in the field of cardiac electrophysiology, dealing with heart arrhythmias.   Cardiac arrhythmias, or rather, heart rhythm disturbances, include a broad range of supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias mentioned below and discussed in further detail in our patient educational pages.  As "heart rhythm specialists", we are here to serve the communities of the greater Washington DC area, including Maryland and Virginia.   Our main office is in Silver Spring, MD.

The purpose of this website, in addition to introducing ourselves and the services we provide, is one of education directed to our patients.  This website is designed to be browsed by particular heart rhythm disturbances and therapies.     


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Our Mission

To provide state-of-the art consultative, diagnostic, and interventional electrophysiology services for the population of the greater Washington DC area, including Maryland and Virginia, who are referred for management of heart rhythm disturbances.  We provide a full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment services tailored to our patient's medical needs in both an outpatient and inpatient setting, as detailed below.




Services and Procedures

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